ITube Android App Review and download info

ITube is one of the useful app for people who love music because it has got some amazing features like it can play a video and audio which means you no longer need a separate video player to watch the music video. You can play your favorite youtube music videos with this app while using other apps, this type of feature is not available in default youtube app

itube android

ITube Android App Useful features

There are lot of songs genres to choose and listen like pop, rap, Hip-Hop and Rock etc

ITube android app is free and does not contain any ads so don’t be worried about the annoying ads and notification pop-ups

iTube will download videos while watching and also save battery, bandwidth, and loading times. Great for limited bandwidth plans and for areas without reception such as airplanes etc.

This app will also work without the internet connection so don’t worry if you don’t have internet in rural areas you can play your favorite music videos

This app will not collect or record any private data or information and you can’t find any push ads or notification ads.

The user interface of this app is neat and clean which makes it easy to understand and navigate.

with this app, You can add your favorite music videos to favorites tab. which makes it an organized presentation of your favorite music

all the required options that a music player needed is available in this music player like a playlist and music stories etc

source & credits —- Itube Android apk


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